Pro16 YOUTH model

The new Pro16 model

  • 330 +/-10g
  • Improved balance
  • With grip
  • T30 carbon fibre/glass fibre
  • 50”/127 cm length
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  • Bergeron Blade

TPS Bergeron Blade:

  • LIE: 6.0
  • 119 pattern
  • 9/16” curve
  • Open face
  • Round toe

Description: This is a slight mid curve with an mid-open face (more open than the TPS Nash)
Advantages: The Bergeron is neither deep nor small, and is neither open nor closed. These moderates give you the best of both worlds, so to speak. This curve will be good for puck control, raising the puck on shots, backhands, one-timers and deflections.

Drawbacks: The moderates of this curve give you a great range of functions, but it isn't great for any specific action.

Bottom Line: This is a great curve for an all around player. It won't give you any strengths, but it won't leave one area of your game vulnerable.